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TCCA offers contractors a proactive approach to resolving contractor issues with project owners and owner's representatives. As a group with common areas of concern, the TCCA has addressed a wide range of topics with project owners, engineers, and local agencies, such as bid requirements and procedures, insurance and bonding requirements for projects, and contractor selection/preferential treatment for local contractors.

TCCA members are afforded a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with the person responsible for making project decisions that affect the success of their project and the bottom line. TCCA hosts an annual event in which local agency representatives and local engineers present to the TCCA membership what projects are coming out for bid, where, and how much funding is available for the upcoming construction season.

TCCA promotes open lines of communication between you and other contractors, engineers, project owners, and owners' representatives. TCCA formed an Engineers/ Contractors Committee to serve as a means for sharing issues of mutual concern. This group has developed strong working relationships and a safe environment for sharing and revising construction standards, specifications, or procedures that may have become either obsolete, insufficient, or unproductive for all parties involved. The group's focus on continuous improvement has created a win-win situation, benefiting contractors, engineers, project owners, and owners' representatives.

TCCA offers several networking opportunities with annual meetings and yearly social events. TCCA has a diverse network of members with whom to share innovative practices. As a member of TCCA, you can seek advice from a seasoned professional or just talk shop with other members. TCCA is where new construction partnerships are formed.

TCCA offers construction information resources to its members, such as bid advertisements, important news, press releases, and important information from State and Local governments, including MDOT and other trade associations. TCCA provides you with names of state and local government agency contacts and local utility contacts, including Michigan district staking contacts. Electronic emails provide the latest information on TCCA news and events, as well as the information listed above.

TCCA maintains relationships with construction industry partners, including Saginaw County Utilities Coordination Group and Tri-County Damage Prevention Association, other construction industry associations, State and Local agencies, and local owner groups. As a TCCA member, taking an active role in TCCA makes the greatest impact; together, our voices are heard.

TCCA invites industry experts as guest speakers to help its members navigate the everchanging list of laws regulating the construction industry. TCCA is your industry connection. For example, TCCA offers a comprehensive yearly overview of state and federal trucking regulations. Whether you have one employee with a CDL or many, the TCCA Motor Carriers/Truckers Meeting is a must-attend event.

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