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The TCCA was incorporated under the laws of the State of Michigan in 1984 and has grown from just a few members at the time of incorporation to an effective and viable construction industry association with 32 Contractor members and 38 Associate members as of January 1, 2014.

This directory is provided as a service to our members and friends. We hope you will find it convenient and useful. We encourage everyone soliciting bids to call TCCA members and, whenever possible, to purchase goods and services from our Associate Members who help support our organization.

Our consultant, Chuck Kerns, works only on a part-time basis but is available to provide assistance to members. For routine matters, contact Chuck. You can find his phone & fax numbers in the directory under consultants. Any problems of major importance should be directed to the Board of Directors so that they can give the consultant guidance which will be in the best interest of all our members.

If you have any suggestions for improving future editions of this directory, let Chuck Kerns or a Member of the Board of Directors know. Also, notify them of any corrections or changes. These will then be included in the next issue of our directory.

Past consultants that contributed to the success of the TCCA include Jim Clark, Jim Koski, Frank Jones and Bill Laut.

Bid Procedure Policy
(Adopted by the Board of Directors on June 10, 2002)

Bidder Pre-Qualification:
If bids are to be restricted to contractors on a pre-qualified listing then this should be clearly stated in the bid documents along with the criteria for obtaining pre-qualification.

Pre-Bid Meetings:
If a pre-bid meeting is mandatory, then bids submitted by bidders that did not attend the meeting will not be accepted.

Bid Submission:
All bids must be submitted complete with all requirements signatures, bonds, and other documentation prior to the time specified in the Advertisement, Request For Bids and/or Instructions To Bidders or the bid will be rejected.

All documents, addendums and other forms included in the bid packet that require a signature(s) must be properly signed, or the bid will be disqualified.

Bid Bonds::
Bid documents must state clearly if a bid bond, and the amount, is required on the specific project being bid. Bid bonds must be furnished by bonding companies licensed to do business in the State of Michigan. The absence of the required bid bond with the bid at the bid opening will result in a recommendation of non-award of contract. Bid bonds will not be allowed to be submitted after the bids are opened.

Prevailing Wages:
If prevailing wages are required the bid documents should define what constitutes prevailing wages and contain a listing of the wage rates or information as to where this listing is to be obtained.

Unit Price and/or Lump Sum Bids:
Bids that are based on unit prices shall clearly state in the bidding documents that unit prices applied to the Engineers' estimated quantities will be the determining factor in evaluating total bids. Bids that are based on lump sum prices, but also request unit prices, shall clearly state in the bidding documents the purpose and intent of the requested unit prices, the accuracy of the estimated quantities, and that the lump sum totals will be the determining factor in evaluating total bids.

Bid Alternates:
If bid alternates are requested and are not mandatory, bids that do not contain any alternates should not be rejected on that basis only.

Voluntary Alternates:
Voluntarily (non-solicited) submitted alternates will not be allowed or considered when reviewing bids.

Bid Negotiations:
Negotiations with other than the low bidder after the bids are opened and prior to award of contract will not be allowed.

Local Bidder Advantage:
Local bidder advantage is not favored, but if an owner insists on using this procedure the bid documents should contain specific language and criteria for same and clearly define "local".

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